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The ROUND function will round a numeric value to the specified precision. The first parameter to the function is the numeric value to be rounded. The second parameter is always evaluated as an integral number, and specifies the number of digits before or after the decimal place to which the number should be rounded. This function may be called in an integral or decimal context.

    @ROUND (Number To Round, Precision)
  • Number To Round Required parameter; evaluated as either an integral or decimal number matching the context of the function call. Contains the value to be rounded by the function.
  • Precision Required integral number parameter; contains the value specifying the precision to which Number To Round should be rounded. Positive numbers indicate a precision after the decimal place. Negative numbers indicate position before the decimal. This parameter can be only negative numbers when the function is called in an integral number context.
Supported Return Types
  • Integral Number
  • Decimal Number