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Define the report format to include in the user interface.

A report defines a printed tabular format for the contents of an object collection on the Agentry Client. Reports can be generated for any object collection within the application data. A report can then be printed on the client device, provided it is equipped with a printer.

The report definition defines the object collection for the report and the property values for the collection’s object type to include in the printed report. The report definition does not include any behaviors related to when to print the report. To print a report on the Agentry Client the action step type Print Report must be defined within an action.

A report defines the point size for the values it contains. It can also define the header and footer text to display in the report. Three separate header and footer values may be defined to be displayed on the left, center, and right of the page across the top and bottom of the report. Separate point sizes may be defined for the header and footer text. Note that the header and footer within the report definition are not the same as the report column headers. They are intended for general information about the report as a whole, not to label individual values within the report.

The child definition Report Columns defines the which properties to display from the object type within the target collection, as well as the column header labels within the report table. The order of the columns within the report definition will specify the order in which the columns are printed in the report from left to right.

Report Child Definitions

Report Column: A report column defines which property values are listed in the corresponding printed column of a report.

Report Attributes
General Attributes
  • Name: Contains the unique internal name for the report definition. This must be unique among all reports within the same module.
  • Display Name: Contains the default name for the report definition displayed on the Client.
  • For Object: This attribute references the parent object of the collection for which the report will be generated.
  • Collection: This attribute references the object collection property whose contents will be printed in the report.
  • Point Size: This attribute specifies the font point size for the data printed in the report. This excludes the report header and footer, which specify their own point sizes.
  • Gridlines: This attribute specifies whether or not to print grid lines in the report to separate columns and rows in the table. When set to true these lines will be printed in the report table. When false they will be omitted.
Header/Footer Attributes
  • Left, Center, and Right Text: These three text boxes within the definition contain the text to display at the left, center and right sides of the report page. These values are not column labels, but are intended for general information to display in the header and/or footer of the report.
  • Point Size: This attribute specifies the font point size of the header or footer text.
  • Bold: This attribute specifies whether or not to display the text in bold. When true, the text will be in bold. When false it will not be.