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The print report action step type will print the defined report definition on a printer connected to the client device. This step can control which objects for the report are printed via an include rule. It can also be defined to allow the user to skip printing the report. At least one report definition must exist within the same module before a print report action step can be defined.

Print Report Step Attributes
  • Step Name: This attribute contains the unique internal name of the action step definition. This value must be unique among all steps within the same action.
  • Report: This attribute references the report to be printed by the action step. The report definition must be defined prior to selecting it for this attribute.
  • Include Rule: This attribute allows for optionally including only certain objects within the collection targeted by the report being printed by the action step. When a rule is referenced here it is evaluated once for, and in the context of each object instance in the report’s targeted collection. The rule is expected to return a Boolean value. Only those objects for which the rule returns true will be printed in the report.
  • Allow Skip: This attribute can allow the user to skip printing the report. When this attribute is set to false (default) the report will always be printed. When set to true, the user will be prompted to continue with the print job or to cancel.