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The message action step type displays a message screen on the Agentry Client. This screen can contain a defined title, message text, and either an OK or an OK and Cancel button. When a Cancel button is clicked in a message screen the parent action of the step is canceled. No subsequent steps within the action will be executed.

This step type can provide the user with the ability to cancel an action based on some decision. This step type is commonly used within actions that will delete an object instance on the client. A message step with two buttons can be defined to confirm the delete of the object prior to executing the transaction step that will delete it.

When a message step is displayed with only a single button, the user will not be able to cancel the action within the message displayed. Rather, the single button is displayed for the user to confirm they have read the message. Once clicked, the action will continue execution with its next defined action step.

Message Step Attributes
  • Step Name: This attribute contains the unique name for the action step. This value must be unique among all steps within the same parent action.
  • Caption: This attribute contains the text to display in the title bar of the message dialog displayed by the Message Step.
  • Message Text: This attribute contains the text to display in the main portion of the message dialog displayed by the Message Step. Format strings may be used within this text, or the entire message may be built and returned by a rule. A rule definition referenced here is evaluated in the context of the object passed to the step by the action. The rule is expected to return a string value.
  • OK Label: This attribute contains the text to label the OK button in the message dialog. Regardless of the label, clicking this button will always confirm the message, or be considered a positive response to the message, continuing execution of the action.
  • Cancel Label: This attribute can enable or disable the cancel button behavior in the message log. When disabled, no cancel button is displayed. When enabled, the cancel button will be displayed and this attribute also then contains the label for that button. Regardless of the label text, clicking this button will always be considered a negative response and cancel the parent action’s execution.