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The External Field Command action step issues a command to an ActiveX control when executed. It references the External Field - ActiveX Control field to specify the control to which the command is to be issued. The action step passes the value of the defined command string to the ActiveX control, which is then responsible for receiving and processing the string command accordingly.

The defined command string within this action step type is passed by the Agentry Client to the ActiveX control through the expected method AgentryExecuteCommand. This method should be implemented to process the provided command string in the manner deemed appropriate for that control.

External Field Command Step Attributes
  • Step Name: This attribute contains the unique internal name of the action step definition. This must be unique among all steps within the same parent action.
  • Screen Set: This attribute specifies the screen set containing the detail screen within which the External Field - ActiveX Control field is defined. Valid selections for this attribute include any screen set defined to display an object definition. Screen sets for transactions and fetches are not valid.
  • Screen: This attribute specifies the detail screen containing the External Field - ActiveX Control field.
  • External Control: The External Field - ActiveX Control detail screen field that references the ActiveX control to which the command string is to be issued.
  • Command: The string to be passed to the ActiveX control’s AgentryExecuteCommand method. This attribute value can be entered into the attribute field directly, or can be set to the return from a rule definition. A rule referenced by this attribute is evaluated in a string context and in the context of the action to which the action step is being added and the object for which that action is defined.