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The exit application client action step will close the Agentry Client application when executed. When this step is performed within an action it will result in the same behavior as if the Exit menu item is selected in the File menu of the Client. A step of this type should only be defined as the last step to be executed within an action, as no other action steps that follow it will be executed.

The primary purpose of this action step type is to support the true and clean shutdown of the Agentry Client when running on client devices that do not support this behavior easily. Many client devices and the shells they run will no truly exit an application when the user clicks the title bar close button. Rather, the application is simply hidden from view. It remains running on the client device. Additionally, the application does not exhibit any behaviors defined to occur when the application exits, such as check for, and notifying the user of any pending transactions.

To support a cleaner shut down, the users should always be instructed to use either the Exit menu item in the client’s File menu, or to execute an action defined with an Exit Application action step type.

Exit Application Step Type Attributes

This action step type has only a Name attribute, which must be unique among all steps within the same parent action.