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The apply action step type applies all transactions instantiated and completed before it in the same action. An apply step is required in any action containing one or more transaction steps in order for those transactions to affect their target objects and to be saved on the Client.

The apply step definition itself contains no attributes other than a name. However, it is an important part of transaction behavior within the Agentry Client. The absence of an apply step within an action that also includes a transaction step will result in the transaction not being save or applied on the Agentry Client.

The intended purpose of the separate apply step to apply and save a transaction is to allow for actions continuing multiple transaction steps followed by a single apply step. This allows for the requirement that multiple transactions be instantiated and completed by a user within a single action, and to not save any data until all transactions have been finished.

Apply Step Attributes

This action step type has only a Name attribute, which must be unique among all steps within the same parent action.