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Define action steps to perform from the user interface.

An action step defines a single task within an action that is a part of the overall action execution on the Agentry Client. There are multiple action step types. Each type of step is defined for a different type of task. These can include navigation, transaction instantiation and display, transmit initiation, and other behaviors. Each action step type contains its own type-specific attributes.

The action step definition encapsulates a single task to be performed within the action as a whole. A given action can contain one or more action steps. Much of the client-side functionality and behavior that may be defined for a mobile application is exposed in the action steps.

Action Step Types

Following are the different types of action steps that may be defined:

  • Apply: The apply action step type applies all transactions instantiated and completed before it in the same action.
  • Exit Application: The exit application client action step will close the Agentry Client application when executed.
  • External Field Command: The External Field Command action step issues a command to an ActiveX control when executed.
  • List Selection: The List Selection action step type selects the specified row or item in the selected screen set and screen.
  • Message: The message action step type displays a message screen on the Agentry Client to the user that can contain one or two buttons.
  • Navigation: The navigation action step type displays an object screen set on the Agentry Client.
  • Open URL: The Open URL action step type defines a URL to be opened by the client device‚Äôs web browser.
  • Print Report: The print report action step type will print the defined report definition on a printer connected to the client device.
  • Save Tile Transactions:
  • SubAction: The SubAction action step type executes an action definition from within another action.
  • Transaction: The transaction action step type instantiates a transaction on the Agentry Client and defines what screen set to display the transaction instance in.
  • Transmit: The transmit action step type initiates communications between the Agentry Client and Agentry Server.
  • Windows Command: The Windows command action step type executes a command on the client device.