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In addition tot hose detail screen field edit types already addressed, there is a small handful of edit types which are implicitly set based on the data type of the property the field is defined to display. These implicit field edit types do not contain any edit type-specific attributes. The general field behaviors, e.g., position, size, read-only, etc., are defined just as any field would be. The edit type-specific behaviors are typically take driven by the definition of the property being displayed.

These edit types cannot be selected from the Edit Type attribute for the field definition. Instead, when a field is defined to display one of the property data types with which the field edit type corresponds, the field definition’s Edit Type should be left set to --Default--. As an example, when displaying a signature capture property type, the field to display this property will not contain a corresponding Signature Capture edit type. Rather, it is left set to an Edit Type of --Default--. At run time, the field displayed on the client will be a signature capture field, and the behavior of the field is driven by the definition of the signature property.