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The tile edit field type displays object properties in a tiled view allowing for add and edit interaction without starting a wizard screen. For a given object, the properties of that object can be displayed in the tile edit view in tiles within that object instance. The layout of the tile edit is defined in a separate screen set and detail screen, used by the tile edit field. The values of a given object can be edited directly, and new object instances can also be added.

Prior to defining a field with this edit type, the screen set and the transaction it is to use must be defined. Both are required information when defining a new tile edit field. The screen set must be defined to display the transaction to capture the data. The screen set must contain a single detail screen displaying the properties from the transaction.

At run time this field type is displayed within its own detail screen. Within the field is then the single detail screen from the separate screen set. The fields of this detail screen are displayed within the tile edit field in the same manner in which they are laid out in the detail screen. The user can edit any fields defined in the separate detail screen that are not read-only. Within the tile edit field, if the detail screen displayed is larger than the space given to the field, a vertical scroll bar is displayed to allow the user to scroll up and down to display fields not immediately shown.

The tile edit field type does not support the following common field attributes:
  • Object Property
  • Read-only
  • Format
  • Change Focus
  • Update Rule
  • Special Value
Tile Edit Attributes

The following attributes are specific to the tile edit field type. These are in addition to the common field attributes:

  • Tile Edit Screen Set: This attribute specifies the screen set to display for edits. This screen set should be defined to display the transaction definition specified in the Tile Edit Transaction attribute.
  • Tile Edit Transaction: This attribute specifies the edit transaction instantiated to capture data entered by the user in the Tile Edit Screen Set. An instance of this transaction is created, applied, and saved as a pending transaction when the user enters data changes.
  • Tile Target: This attribute specifies the object instance that is targeted by the transaction.
  • Modify Row Height By: This attribute allows for all rows displayed on the screen within the Tile Edit field to be modified by the value set in this attribute.
  • Hide Buttons: This attribute will hide the OK and Cancel buttons displayed when the tile is being edited. These are displayed by default. When hidden, values entered by the user are automatically applied, as is the define transaction, when the Tile Edit field no longer has the input focus.
  • In Progress Edit: This attribute will enable the In Progress Edit style to be applied to the field when it is currently being edited and the changes it contains have not been applied. This is a visual indicator to the user that the Tile Edit field currently has the focus and is actively being edited.