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The password validation edit type requires users to enter their password on a detail screen. The value entered is validated against the password stored for the Agentry Client for the current user. The characters entered in this field are replaced with asterisks. This field edit type is used primarily with transaction authentication functionality.

The value entered in this field is validated against the user’s password when the wizard or authentication screen set is advanced. If the value entered is not a valid password a message will be displayed. This message may be the default message provided by the Agentry Client, or it may be defined as a part of the screen field using the Message attribute.

Password Validation Attributes
The following attributes are specific to the password validation field edit type. These are in addition to the common field attributes:
  • Password Failure Message: This attribute specifies the message to display to the user if the password entered in the field is invalid. This may be the default message, which is displayed when Auto is selected, or it may be a message entered in the text box for this attribute field.