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The embedded image field edit type displays an application-level image definition on the detail screen that can be interactive. Definable behaviors include whether or not to resize the image to fit in the space allocated for the field, the cropping behavior of the image displayed, and the ability to divide the image into cells to elicit different behaviors when different portions of the image are selected.

Each cell in an embedded image field is represented by a child definition to the field in the Editor. This definition type is called an image cell. There will be as many of these image cells as there are cells in the image, which is a multiple of the rows and columns defined for the field.

Note that the embedded image field edit type was named the image field edit type in versions of the Agentry Mobile Platform. Starting with version 5.1 and going forward, this field edit type has been named embedded image. This is to distinguish this field edit type from the image capture field, which displays the contents of image properties. The embedded image field is provided to display image definitions at the application level of the application project hierarchy.

Child Definitions
  • Image Cell: The image cell definition is a child definition to fields with an edit type of embedded image and represents a specific portion of the image being displayed. An image cell defines the action to execute or the value to set when the corresponding cell of the image field is selected by the user.
Image Field Edit Type Attributes
The following attributes are specific to the embedded image field edit type. These are in addition to the common field attributes:
  • Image: This attribute specifies the image definition within the application that this field is to display.
  • Grid: This attribute contains two numeric values, rows and columns. The product of these two values determines the number of image cell definitions for the field. A one by one grid will create a single cell representing the entire image field.
  • Resize to Fit: This attribute specifies whether the image should be resized to fit in the space allotted to the field.
  • Lock the Aspect Ratio: Available only when resize to fit is true, this attribute specifies whether or not the aspect ratio of the image should remain the same. If true, the aspect ratio will be locked. If false, an image too large for the field will be resized to the size and shape of the field, regardless of its affect on the appearance of the image.
  • Crop to Fit: This attribute is only available when the resize to fit attribute is false. If Crop to Fit is true, the image will be cropped on its right and bottom edges to fit within the field.
  • Position: This attribute specifies the position of the image within the space allotted to the field on the detail screen. This can be one of: upper-left; top; upper-right; left-center; center; right-center; bottom-left; bottom; or bottom-right.
  • Highlight: This attribute specifies whether or not the currently selected cell on the image field is highlighted. If this attribute is true, you can specify how to highlight the cell(s). This may be either in 3D, or by specifying a mask color to be applied to the selected cell(s). Cells are considered selected if either the user selects them on the screen or if the value the cell is defined to set is equal to the value of the property targeted by the field.
  • Highlight Cells on Hover: This attribute specifies whether or not the cell over which the mouse cursor is currently hovering is highlighted. If this is true, you can specify whether to highlight the cell in 3D or by specifying a mask color to be applied to that cell. This attribute only affects the Windows PC platforms.