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The button field edit type defines a detail screen field with button behaviors to execute actions and capture values. A value can be defined for this field to set the value of the target transaction property of the field. When displaying an object the button can execute actions. Part of the definable behavior is the type of button to display, which may be a radio button, check box, or push button. This is the default edit type for fields targeting Boolean properties.

Included in the functionality of a button field is the ability to group multiple button fields on a detail screen. If multiple button fields are defined for the same detail screen, and they also target the same property, these button fields are then grouped. The resulting behavior of such a configuration is that only one of the buttons may be selected at the same time. This is most commonly the case when the button fields are defined to display radio button controls. However, this same behavior will be exhibited for any of the button display types.

Buttons fields defined for object detail screens should be used to execute actions. Button fields for wizard detail screens displaying a transaction or fetch should be defined to set the value of a property.

An image can be defined for display in place of one of the available button controls. In this situation, the image referenced can be an image list, with each image in the list being a square and the same size. Which image is used is based on the state of the button field. These images are then used based on their position, as follows:
  1. Enabled, not selected
  2. Enabled, selected
  3. Disabled, not selected
  4. Disabled, selected
Button Field Edit Type Attributes
Following are the attributes specific to a Field with an Edit Type of Button.
  • Button Type: This specifies the kind of button control to be drawn for the field. This can be a radio button, check box, or a push button.
  • Value When Selected: This attribute specifies the value to be assigned to the target property of the field when that field is displayed on a transaction or fetch detail screen. For a button field on a transaction, fetch, or object detail screen, if the target property matches the value set for this attribute, the button will be in a selected state.
  • Action When Selected: This attribute is only enabled for button fields when the parent detail screen displays an object. The action referenced is executed when the button is selected. Normally the Button Type for this situation is a Push Button. The Target attribute references the target object of the action referenced in the action attribute.
  • Button Image: This attribute references an image definition to be displayed for this field. In this situation the Button Type attribute will be ignored and the image selected in the Button Image attribute will be displayed in its place. The image itself will behave as if it is a button and will either execute an action when selected or set the value of the field’s target property.