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The image property stores a still picture or other image captured on the client device from either the device’s camera or selected from the file system. This property type is provided as a part of the overall image capture functionality that may be implemented in the mobile application. This property should only be displayed in detail screen fields with an edit type of image capture.

This property type will simply store an image captured from the client device’s camera or selected from the device’s file system. Its contents can be displayed to the user in detail screen fields of type image capture. It has no attributes beyond the standard property attributes. For an object these are the name and display name. If the parent is a transaction, which it should be in most cases, the standard transaction property attributes are set, including name, display name, the initial value attributes, and optionally special value attributes.

To synchronize data for an Image property, the file document management step type can be used to store the image as a .jpg file on the file system of the Agentry Server. Also, SDML data tags can be used to access the image data within other step types.