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A property is defined to be a certain data type when it is created.

The property data type definition can be a child to an object, transaction, or fetch definition. This data type specifies the type of data and its behavior within the property. The data types range from primitive types common to most or all development platforms, to more robust types that in other languages would be created by developers as classes, structures, or objects depending on the tool or language in use.

Following a brief description of each property data type available in Agentry:
  • Boolean: The Boolean property data type stores a true or false value.
  • Collection: The collection property data type is defined to store multiple object instances of the same type as a property of a parent object, transaction, or fetch.
  • Complex Table Selection: The complex table selection property type is used to store a selection made by the user from a complex table.
  • Data Table Selection: The data table selection property type is used to store a selection made from a data table.
  • Date: The date property type is used to store a calendar date value.
  • Date and Time: The date and time property type stores a value consisting of a calendar date and time of day.
  • Decimal Number: The decimal number property data type stores numeric value with a fractional component.
  • Duration: The duration property data type is used to store a duration of time.
  • External Data: An external data property stores a reference to a file stored on the client device’s file system and that is external to the production data of the application.
  • Identifier: The identifier property data type stores a non-negative integer value that is a unique identifier for an object.
  • Image: The image property stores a still picture or other image captured on the client device from either the device’s camera or selected from the file system.
  • Integral Number: An integral number property stores whole numbers.
  • Location: A location property stores a location value returned by a GPS unit that includes the latitude, longitude, dilution, and number of satellites.
  • Object: The object property data type stores an object instance as a property of a parent definition.
  • Signature: The signature property type stores a signature entered by a user on the Agentry Client.
  • String: The string property data type stores any character values as a single string.
  • Time: The time property data type stores a time of day value.