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A data table change transaction allows the user to add or edit a data table record on the Agentry Client. This transaction is defined to target an object type. It should, at a minimum, contain a property for the key and value fields of a data table record.

When a data table change transaction is applied, the transaction first looks for a record in the data table with the same key value as the corresponding key property in the transaction. If one is found, that record will be updated from the property for the value field. If there is no match on the key field, then a new record will be added to the data table using the values of the two properties for the key and value fields. Data table change transactions cannot delete a record from a data table.

Data Table Change Transaction Attributes
Following are the attributes for a data table change transaction.
  • Type: This attribute specifies the type of transaction. For data table transactions this is set to “Data Table Change.” This attribute cannot be changed once the transaction has been defined.
  • Object: The Object attribute specifies the type of object the transaction targets. Though primarily intended to change a data table record, this transaction type must still target an object.
  • Table: The table attribute specifies the data table the transaction targets and that will be changed when the transaction is applied.
  • Name: This is the identifier for the transaction definition. This value must be unique among all transaction definitions within the same module.
  • Display Name: The display name is the value shown to users for the transaction on the Client. This is normally seen by the user in the Client’s Transmit Screen when an instance of the transaction is sent to the Agentry Server to be processed.
  • Key Property: This attribute specifies the property within the transaction to be treated as the key property. If no change is made to the targeted object, this attribute might not be set.