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Java Virtual Machine Data Table Synchronization ComponentsLocate this document in the navigation structure

When a data table is defined to use a Java Virtual Machine system connection, its synchronization component is a single Java source file. This file contains the skeleton structure for a Java class that extends the Agentry Java API class DataTable.

The name given to this class matches the name of the data table definition itself and should not be changed.

When the table is defined, the wizard for creating Java classes provided with the Eclipse Java perspective is used. This allows the developer to select the package to which the new class will be added. The source .java file created will then be stored according to the configuration of the project and package selected for the new class. Alternately an existing class in a package within the Java perspective may be selected. This class must extend the Agentry Java API class DataTable.

This skeleton class declaration includes three methods:
  • The Constructor method.
  • An override method for the data table iterator() method. This method is intended to contain the logic to retrieve the data from the back end system via the Java interface it provides. It is then intended to return an iterator for the data table object.
  • An override method of isOutOfDate(). This method is expected to return true or false based on whether or not the data for the table is out of date. When true is returned by this method, the iterator() method will be called. When false, processing for the data table by the Agentry Server will be complete.

In versions of the Agentry Mobile Platform prior to 5.1, the source class was stored on the Agentry Server’s file system. This behavior is deprecated in versions 5.1 and later. Agentry application projects created prior to this release are still supported and the Java logic will still be processed correctly. New data tables for Java Virtual Machine system connections should use the new procedure for defining the Java synchronization component.