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The Agentry SAP Framework Foundation is implemented as an ABAP Add-On and is installed to the SAP system as a part of the implementation of the SAP Mobile Platform only when building or supporting mobile applications built in the Agentry archetype, and only when those mobile applications synchronize data with SAP systems. If both of these are not a part of your environment, this component is not installed. The framework includes both the Administration and Monitoring Portal, and the Integration Framework.

The Integration Framework provides the integration point to the SAP system for the Agentry Component. This then allows the Agentry Component to synchronize data with the SAP system for the mobile application. Included in the Integration Framework is the Configuration Portal used during implementation to create synchronization components of the mobile application.

The Administration and Monitoring Portal provides the tools and user interface to allow for the administration, configuration, and care and feeding tasks for the Agentry SAP Framework Foundation. These include security settings, log settings, user monitoring, and other similar tools.

There are also two additional resources needed in both the development and runtime environments when using the Agentry SAP Framework Foundation component. The first is an API contained in the Java file SAPCommon-130881.jar. The second is a configuration file, which must be created manually, named JavaBe.ini. Both of the files must reside within the folder where the Agentry Component has been installed. Additionally, the SAPCommon-130881.jar must be an available resource for any Java development projects related to the mobile application being developed.

The installation of the Agentry SAP Framework Foundation includes the following main tasks:
  1. Verify the system requirements.
  2. Install the Agentry SAP Framework Foundation software and support packages and place the SAPCommon-130881.jar file in the proper Agentry Component directory.
  3. Create the JavaBe.ini configuration file and place it in the Agentry Component’s installation folder.