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Installing the Standalone Test EnvironmentLocate this document in the navigation structure

If you plan to use the standalone Agentry test environment, you must install it separately. You may want to use the standalone environment if you have developed custom testing scripts, which cannot be used in the integrated Agentry test environment.


Before installing the standalone Agentry test environment:
  • Install SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0.<x>, and ensure it is accessible to the system on which you are installing Agentry test environment.
  • Determine the installation location of the Agentry test environment. By default, this is C:\Agentry\Test Environment. You can specify a different location during the installation.
  • Log in to the host system as an administrator, with privileges to install software to the desired location.
  • Install the KB 26999 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update, which includes DLLs required by Agentry test environment.


The Agentry test environment component is used as a client test tool during development of applications using the Agentry archetype. It is not intended for end users. It can be installed only on Windows desktop systems, and cannot be installed to mobile devices.

Perform this procedure to:
  • Test modifications of the mobile application, when those modifications affect client-side behavior or client-server communications or synchronization.
  • Test or debug run time issues in a Production environment. The Agentry test environment can be connected to the Agentry Production Server just as a normal client can.

When this procedure is complete, the Agentry test environment is available for use to test the client-side behaviors of any modifications made to the mobile application.


  1. On the host system where you are installing this component, start the Agentry test environment installer:

    Agentry_7_0_<x_x>_TestEnvironment.exe, where <x> represents the service pack or patch release version you downloaded.

  2. On the Welcome to the Agentry Test Environment Setup Wizard screen, click Next
  3. On the License Agreement screen, click Yes to accept the agreement.
  4. On Choose Install Location, select the directory path in the Destination Folder field, and click Next.
  5. On Shortcuts for Agentry Test Environment, select or deselect shortcut locations from the list.
  6. Click Install.

    Shortcuts are automatically created by the installer. The Installation Status screen indicates the installation progress.

  7. To start the Agentry test environment now, select the box. Click Finish.

Next Steps

The Agentry test environment must connect to an Agentry Component to perform an initial transmit. Prior to performing this transmit, make any other necessary configuration selections, such as selecting the client platform.