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Use the Privileges option to define the required privileges for dual approval. For example, use the Create Customers option to create a new customer-type approval configuration. Depending on the customer type, you can configure maker-checker privileges.

Use these options to configure privileges:
  • Create Customers create new customer-type approval configuration.
  • Add Wallet Entries create a new wallet approval configuration. For security reasons, consumers and agents might not have permission to directly activate a new payment instrument. In this case, you can either search for, then approve or reject, pending add-to-wallet operations, or see the list of pending wallet operations when you are editing a customer.
  • Transactions create a new transaction approval configuration that depends on the transaction type configured.
  • File Types create a new file-type approval configuration that depends on the file type configured. For example, you can configure maker-checker validation for deactivating a customer file type, or for cancelling transactions.