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Configuring Delta TokensLocate this document in the navigation structure

Enable delta query support via a Syclo exchange table by modifying an existing GET_ENTITYSET method to supply a delta token for the initial query.


The delta token in this implementation is the timestamp of the most recent request. The keys of new, changed, and deleted records from the change pointer tables are retrieved based on this timestamp.


  1. In transaction SE80, edit the ZCL_Z_EPM_RKT_DPC_EXT class.
  2. Open BUSINESSPARTNERS_GET_ENTITYSET method, and add this code at the end:
    DATA: lv_timestamp TYPE timestamp,
    GET TIME STAMP FIELD lv_delta_token.
    // export the delta token 
    es_response_context-deltatoken = lv_delta_token.
  3. Save and activate your changes.