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You can declare menus using Spring XML configuration. 

For the top menus (main navigation items) you need only modify the existing topMenu Spring bean.

In the application-common-context.xml file:
<property name="topMenu">         
<bean id="topMenu" 
<property name="entries">             
   <!-- SELFCARE TOP MENUS -->               
   <ref bean="consumerSelfCare" />               
   <ref bean="manageAccount" />               
   <ref bean="viewTransactions" />               
   <ref bean="billConfiguration" />                   
   <ref bean="myNewTopMenuItem" />       
In the my-menus-context.xml file:
<bean id="myNewTopMenuItem"
 <property name="name" value="" />       
 <property name="page" value="com.sybase365.mobiliser.web.dashboard.pages.home.MyMenuPage"/>       
 <property name="privilege" value="UI_DASHBOARD_LOGIN" />       
 <property name="active" value="true" />