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Use com.sybase365.mobiliser.web.application.model and abstract classes to ensure that applications conform to the Web UI contributing applications object hierarchy.

  • IMobiliserApplication – interface that represents the basic information required for an application.
  • IMobiliserAuthenticatedApplication – extended interface for applications that use the common application sign-in page.
  • IMobiliserSignupApplication – extended interface for the single application providing the user sign-up functions.
  • IMobiliserUnAuthenticatedApplication – extended interface for applications that do not require authentication.
  • AbstractMobiliserApplication – base class that allows you to configure bookmarkable pages, and assign a class that represents the application home page.
  • AbstractMobiliserAuthenticatedApplication – extended base class for applications that require authentication. This class allows you to specify a unique login privilege that represents basic access to the application. The privilege is assigned to individual users, and each user is exclusively assigned to one application.