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Creating Maven Project ArtifactsLocate this document in the navigation structure

After you create a Maven project, create project artifacts to use in a custom-state bundle.


Create a Maven project.


  1. In the example subdirectory under main, delete the file.
  2. In the example subdirectory, under test, delete the file.
  3. In the main directory, create a subdirectory called resources.
    The resources directory stores configuration files that SMS Builder needs when it loads state bundles.
  4. In the resources directory, create these subdirectories:
    • META-INF – contents are packaged in the state bundle.
    • META-INF\spring – stores a configuration file that the Spring Framework uses.
    • META-INF\sample\conf – stores sample configuration property files; if you copy these files to <SMSBUILDER_HOME>\conf\cfgload, SMS Builder can load them dynamically.

    Configuration files are specific to a bundle. They identify what states and configurations to load, and how to link them together.

  5. In the test directory, create these subdirectories:
    • java
    • resources