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Verifying Deployment Using the AIMS Web ConsoleLocate this document in the navigation structure

In a development environment, you can use the AIMS System Web console to verify that custom-state bundles resolve and start. To ensure runtime environment security, the console restricts access, based on a list of allowable IP addresses. By default, only localhost is accessible.


Enable the AIMS System Web console.


  1. (Optional) To add IP addresses that the console can access:
    1. Edit the file.
    2. Add IP addresses to the allowed.ip.list, as a comma-separated list.
  2. In a Web browser, connect to http://localhost:8080/system/console.
    If you added other IP addresses, you can connect using one of them.
  3. In the AIMS System Web console, enter these credentials:
    • User name – sybase365
    • Password – fr4nt1c

    The Bundles tab lists all installed bundles. The Status of the customState bundle is Active.

    AIMS System Console

  4. To view details about a bundle, click the bundle name.
    The console displays metadata, created by the Maven Bundle Plug-in (from the bundle's manifest file), package wiring, and services information.