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Testing Event ApplicationsLocate this document in the navigation structure

To test event applications, invoke the triggering event. Event applications are linked to events that occur at times defined by their event windows.


  1. On the Simulation page, select the Event Application tab:
    • Event Name – select from the list.
    • Resume From Last – accept the default value, false. If set to true, and if the previous test did not exhaust the subscriber list, the application resumes from the last subscriber.
    • Throttle – enter the maximum processing rate: number of messages per minute.
    • Limit – enter the maximum number of loopbacks to process. When used with a throttle, specify as a multiple of throttle. For example, if throttle = 60 messages per minute, specify a limit of 60, 120, or 180.
    • Event Threads – specify the number of threads to use to run the simulation. Change this value to test performance with different numbers of threads.
    • End Date – specify to keep the application from overrunning.
  2. Click Simulate Event.
  3. To see messages, click Reload Message Log.
    Depending on the number of subscribers, you may need to reload the log multiple times to see all the messages.