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Use SMS to interact with the Cash-Out application. SMS Builder manages a unique user session that maintains the context of the conversation between the user and the application.

The Cash-Out application comprises multiple interactive applications. The applications are linked by either Goto Application states, in which control is passed to referenced applications, or Application Call states, in which case control moves temporarily to the referenced application, before returning to the application that called it.

A complete mobile service is created from multiple interactive applications that are validated with a customer's MSISDN.  Although there is no internal customer list, back-end systems can validate customers. The Cash-Out application assumes a valid customer session exists.

Once an application has validated a customer, it is typical to offer a series of SMS menus, from which customers can select. By default, the Cash-Out application contains one menu option that is related to the mobile financial services that are offered to customers.

The Cash-Out application:
  1. Requests the account from which to withdraw cash.
  2. Requests the code of the customer support agent with whom to perform the transaction.
  3. Requests the transaction amount.
  4. Validates and preauthorizes the transaction by verifying sufficient funds in the account, amount limits, and the agent's SVA.
  5. Requests an account PIN, or transaction confirmation.
  6. Sends money to the agent.
  7. If a transaction fails, requests a solution to validation problems.