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Setting Up the Development EnvironmentLocate this document in the navigation structure

To build SMS applications, you must first set up your development environment, which includes installing the SAP® Mobile Platform SDK, with the SMS Toolkit.


The SMS Toolkit installed with SAP Mobile Platform SDK includes an SMS Builder server and the SMS Builder Web UI which you can use to develop SMS Applications.


  1. Start the SMS Builder server. The start-up scripts ( and run.bat) expect the location of the java application to be in the PATH. If you plan to run a start-up script in production, modify the script to reflect your system architecture. You need not have root privilege to execute a start-up script.
    1. Change to the <SMSBUILDER_HOME> directory.
    2. Run the command or commands for your platform:
      Platform Command
      AIX or Linux
      chmod 755 bin/
      bin/ start
  2. Launch the SMS Builder Web UI.
    1. If SMS Builder is running on the same machine as SAP Mobile Platform, configure the HTTP port.
    2. Open a browser and navigate to either:
      • http://localhost:<<HTTP_port>>/brand, where <HTTP_port> is the HTTP port number, or
      • http://<server>:<<HTTP_port>>/brand, where <server> is the name of the machine on which the SMS Builder server is running.
    3. Log in.
      The default login credentials are:
      • User Name – admin
      • Password – Brand!23

      If you created a new admin password, use it to log in.