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Developing Interactive ApplicationsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Interactive applications provide rich, user-interactive mobile services, and are typically invoked when mobile customers send a keyword to a preassigned short or long code.


  1. In the Dashboard screen, at the bottom of the My Applications module, select Create Interactive Application.
  2. On the Application Details tab, enter:
    • Name – the main identifier for an application. SAP recommends that you do not use duplicate names within a workspace.
    • Category – (optional) select the application category from the list. You can use categories to group applications together for managing and reporting.
    • Active From – the date and time the application becomes active, based on the server date and time.
    • Active To – the date and time the application ceases to be active, based on the server date and time.
    • Timeout (secs) – an interactive application establishes conversations with mobile subscribers. When a conversation starts, a unique session is established for the conversation. The session terminates (or times out) when there is no conversation for more than the number of seconds you enter here. The default value is 450 seconds (7 minutes and 30 seconds).
    • Session Limit Response – the message that is sent to mobile subscribers when the application cannot start or carry on a conversation for various reasons; the most common reason being too many conversations are already taking place, exceeding the system capacity. In this case, the default message is sent to mobile subscribers. For example, the message may say “Service busy, try again in few minutes.”
  3. Click Save.
  4. (Optional) To save the application to the local file system, click Export.
    The application is exported to an application XML file. You can transfer the XML file to other SMS Builder workspaces or instances. You can also use the file to back up the application, or store it in the source control management system.
    Note The Export button is disabled until you save an application the first time.
  5. Add a keyword to the application.
  6. Design the application task flow.
  7. Activate the application.
  8. Test the application.