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Format phone numbers to use a corresponding international prefix. A country code determines the prefix used.

<!-- Phone -->
<UIElement type="label">
    <!--  The phone number will be formatted based on the international prefix.
If no international prefix is available formatting is done based on the provided country code -->
  <P pid="text" value="+1234567890" />
  <P pid="width" value="75%" />
  <P pid="margin_bottom" value="5%" />
  <P pid="halign" value="center" />
  <Format type="address" pattern="PHONELOC" platform="Android">
    <P pid="ADDRESS_MODE" value="3" />
    <P pid="Phone" value="{$_value}" />
    <P pid="OperatorCountryCode" value="0036" />
    <P pid="CountryCode" value="HU" />
    <P pid="CountryName" value="Hungary" />
    <P pid="postalCode" value="1031" />