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You can format date and time as required.

<!-- Date and Time -->
<UIElement type="label">
<!-- $_now() returns the current date and time - see for details on supported functions -->
  <P pid="text" value="{$_now()}" platform="Android" />
  <P pid="width" value="75%" />
  <P pid="margin_bottom" value="5%" />
  <P pid="halign" value="center" />
  <!--  Date/Time Formatter Output Format   -->
  <Format type="datetime" pattern="DATE/D/LONG" platform="Android">
    <P pid="InputString" value="2012-09-07T16:30:00" />
    <P pid="DATE_STYLE" value="1" />
    <P pid="DATE_MODE" value="0" />
    <P pid="DATE_PARAMS" value="1" />