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Mobile Application Workbench perspectives encompass and organize the view layouts.

To open a Mobile Application Workbench perspective in Eclipse, select Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Open Perspective Next navigation step Other Next navigation step MAW End of the navigation path. The available UI components include:
  • Project Explorer view – displays existing projects, including Application Configuration Profile (ACP) projects, and their folder structures, configuration files, and configuration elements, which comprise Mobile Application Framework applications.
  • Properties view – lets you edit the key-value pair of the configuration element that is selected in either the Project Explorer or the XML text editor.
  • Problems view – displays warnings and errors for all projects, including ACP projects.
  • XML text editor – displays the selected XML configuration file, and lets you edit the property key-value pairs. You can open several instances of the editor to view different configuration files.
  • Outline view – shows an outline of the current configuration file for easy navigation.

MAW Perspectives