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Mixing Coded and Metadata-Driven TilesLocate this document in the navigation structure

With the Extensibility Framework, you can freely combine metadata-driven tiles and native iOS view controllers (also views and controls).

  • You can insert coded UIs, and UIs from the layout XML, in the same navigation chain. The root tile itself (the app’s initial UI) can also be metadata driven.
    Mixing Coded and Metadata-Driven Tiles 1
  • You can add a manually coded view to a metadata-driven tile. The subview is positioned according to the coordinates you provide.
    Mixing Coded and Metadata-Driven Tiles 2
  • You can add a metadata-driven subview to a programmatically built UI.
    Mixing Coded and Metadata-Driven Tiles 3
  • You can combine configuration-based tiles and subviews, which is a freestyle combination of the above scenarios.
  • You can create custom tiles by taking over the creation of specific tiles or tile controllers. The Extensibility Framework notifies the client when a tile is about to be created. To take over the creation of specific tiles, implement and register a MAFTileCreatorDelegate (see Intercepting Tile Creation Events).
  • You can customize controller logic by intercepting notifications about data management and action messages sent by the various controls. See Listening for Configuration-Based Control Events and Feeding the Tile with Custom Data.