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Defining Navigation PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Build navigation properties for specific entity types based on the relationships defined in the associations.


Since a business partner can have many sales orders, you want to define a property for navigating from a BusinessPartner instance to its associated SalesOrder collection. See Navigation Properties for more information.


  1. Under the BusinessPartner Entity Type, double-click Navigation Properties.
  2. Click Append Row and enter SalesOrders for the Name and select BusinessPartner_SalesOrder for the Relationship Name.

  3. Under the SalesOrder entity type, double-click Navigation Properties and click Append Row twice. Assign the names BusinessPartner and Items to the properties. Assign the relationship name BusinessPartner_SalesOrder to the BusinessPartner property, and SalesOrder_SalesOrderItem to the Items property.

  4. Save your project.