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Implementing Delta QueriesLocate this document in the navigation structure

There are several methods you can use to implement delta query support. Two of them involve using Syclo Exchange Framework exchange tables, and using ABAP-based delta request logs.

  • ABAP-based delta request log calculates and stores a hash value for each entity. These hash values are then compared with the hash values of the prior call (related to the same delta token ID) to determine which values have changed.
  • Syclo Exchange Framework an Agentry component, SAP Framework uses several different SAP technologies to implement change detection in the ABAP-based AP Business Suite systems, and support information consumers, such as offline enabled Agentry metadata-based mobile applications. Non-Agentry metadata-based applications (such as OData-based mobile applications with delta time token support) can also take advantage of the Exchange Framework for delta calculation.
Table 1: Comparing Delta Query Implementation Techniques
Implementation Advantages Disadvantages
ABAP-based delta request log Easier implementation. The response payload is reduced, however back end performance is not improved.
Syclo Exchange Framework
  • Deltas are already available at request time.
  • You can configure change detection at field-by-field level for a given exchange object.
  • You can define condition filters, to limit change detection to a subset of business-object data.
  • You can select to capture only create, update, or delete changes.
Changes from external interface calls (for example, OData create, update, and delete operations may not trigger change detection).