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Configuring the Android Client for Mutual Authentication over HTTP(S)Locate this document in the navigation structure

Configure the Android client for mutual authentication using a certificate provisioned through Afaria Server.


  1. Verify that the application ID uploaded in Afaria Server's application deployment package matches the Application ID set on the device application.
  2. Import the root certificate to the device. Note that the server's DNS name, not an IP address, must be described in the certificate's common name (CN) field.
  3. Verify that the handleOpenURL() method is defined in index.js. If it is not defined, then define an empty method for it, so that the client application functions properly when launched by the Afaria client.
    function handleOpenURL(url){}
  4. When you use Client Hub, you can use an optional file to specify the registration settings. Update the file server connection information based on your own server, and add file into the resource folder of the application project.