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Application Configuration Profile Directory and ContentsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The Application Configuration Profile contains several files that are organized in this directory structure.

The directory includes:
  • META-INF Contains versioning-related metadata in a manifest file:
    • MANIFEST.MF – the manifest file required by SAP Mobile Platform Server
  • tiles Contains the extensibility-related configurations:
    • layout_phone.xml – extensibility configuration file for iPhone and iPod Touch.
    • layout_tablet.xml – extensibility configuration file for iPad.
    For the internal structure of these files, see Extensibility Layout XML.
  • styles contains the style configuration file:
    • style.xml – the styling configuration file.
  • img Contains the static images used by the application, organized by platform.
    • Ios – contains images specific to the iOS platform by subfolder (that is, Iphone and Ipad) . The top-level folder contains images common to all iOS devices. Native iOS naming conventions apply, that is, <filename>.png for low-resolution images, and <filename>@2x.png for hi-resolution images.
    • Android – contains images specific to the Android platform. The top-level folder contains images common to all Android devices. Subfolders include:
      • Ldpi – contains images specific to low-density Android devices.
      • Mdpi – contains images specific to medium-density Android devices.
      • Hdpi – contains images specific to high-density Android devices.
      • Xhdpi – contains images specific to extra high-density Android devices.
  • strings Contains localized text strings, one file per locale. File names follow this format: localization.<language code>.xml. See also Adding and Accessing Localized Texts.
  • ext Contains configuration files required by the application. The entry names are defined by the application. You can place any kinds of files in this directory. Although the framework does not process files in the ext folder, it exposes the APIs required to retrieve their content.
  • Demo Contains offline data used by the application in demo mode:
    • Ios – platform-specific offline XML files; see Demo Data Provisioned via ACP.
    • Android – platform-specific offline data.