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Product Support Engagement RequirementsLocate this document in the navigation structure

If you use SAP Service Marketplace to engage with Product Support, you must meet certain requirements.

Service Marketplace Case Creation Requirements
Be prepared to provide:
  • A valid installation number for SAP Mobile Platform
  • A valid service contract with SAP
  • A valid system ID (S-User ID)
  • An enabled NetViewer connection.
SAP Mobile Platform Incident Requirements
  • Configure your logs to an appropriate level for your issue. Product Support requires details from one or more of the system logs.
  • Capture these basic incident details to help Product Support analyze the problem, and determine any next steps:
    • Environment summary: product version, back end, client type (device and OS), proxy connections. These details help isolate component that is causing the failure. If you have an architecture diagram, share it with SAP.
    • Problem description: what were the actions preceded the incident. Capture all details that allow Product Support to reproduce the issue.
  • Locate the server version in the SMP_HOME\Server\ file.