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Test Client Does Not Start in Agentry Test EnvironmentLocate this document in the navigation structure


The test client does not start in the Agentry Test Environment from Agentry Editor. The message The Java Virtual Machine is running in a different directory than the executable may display, with instructions.


Since the integrated Agentry Test Client works in a mixed environment, you may need to adjust the configuration to ensure both Agentry Editor and the Agentry test environment work in Eclipse.

Follow the instructions in the message:
  1. Make sure the PATH can locate your JRE, and the jvm.dll. You can either:
    • Make sure the PATH to your JRE (where a jvm.dll can be found) is ahead of anything else on your path that could lead to your JVM being resolved as javaw.exe instead of jvm.dll(such as C:\\WINDOWS\\system32).
    • Specify an explicit path to a jvm.dll in your eclipse.ini (found in the folder where you installed Eclipse). For example, –vm C:\myJRE\bin\jvm.dll.
  2. Restart Eclipse.