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Upgrading to the Common Supportability LibraryLocate this document in the navigation structure

Beginning with OData SDK version 3.0 SP05, the Supportability library replaces the older E2ETrace and Logger libraries for client logging and network tracing. We strongly recommend you upgrade your applications from the older E2ETrace and Logger libraries to the current Supportability library in all components. For backward compatibility, the older libraries are still supported.

Target Libraries and Components
The logging and tracing libraries and affected components that should be upgraded include:
  • Logger:
    • CoreServices
    • Request
    • MAFLogonCore
    • MAFLogonUI
  • E2ETrace:
    • CoreServices
    • Request
  • You cannot use a mix of old and new libraries.
  • Use the useSupportability method to switch to the new supportability library in your OData applications; the API to switch to the Supportability library is implemented in a SupportabilitySettings class. useSupportability uses a boolean parameter set to true to indicate that the component is to use the Supportability library instead of the E2ETrace and Logger libraries. The SupportabilitySettings class contains a method that checks the value of the flag.

    The components protect against switching the flag after initialization. If this occurs, an exception is returned.