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determineFollowingSmappStateFromPattern(SmappStateProcessingContext, MwizMessage) methodLocate this document in the navigation structure

Determine if one of the outgoing transition patterns matches this message.

public static SmappState determineFollowingSmappStateFromPattern (
    SmappStateProcessingContext context,
    MwizMessage msg
) throws DBException, CryptoException

Match-variables are set implicitly by this method.Use normal regex for pattern. The group operator capures parts of the regex to put into a variable.

Sample: msg="ab1234cd"var="" regex="ab(.*)cd" .. no variable will be setvar="userid" regex="ab(.*)cd" .. variable userid is set to "1234" var="userid" regex="ab.*cd" .. variable userid is not modified - missing group expressionvar="userid,poscode" regex="ab(.*)([cd]+)" .. variable userid is set to "1234", variable poscode to "cd" var="userid,psocode" regex="ab(.*)cd(.*)" .. variable userid is set to "1234", variable poscode to "" - empty group match