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This is a special type of Attribute that does not have the UI component on the State Editor.

public class SessionVariableAttribute extends Attribute
Base class

All members of SessionVariableAttribute, including inherited members.

Modifier and Type Constructor Description
public SessionVariableAttribute(String, String)  
Inherited members from Attribute
Modifier and Type Member Description
public Attribute(String, String) Default value (if provided)
protected SmappStateProcessingContext getContext() Sets the processing engine context.
public String getDescription() Detailed description of the attribute.
public String getId() Attribute Id.
public String getText() The text that was entered in the input field on the state editor.
public void setContext(SmappStateProcessingContext) Sets the processing engine context.
public void setDescription(String) Detailed description of the attribute.
public void setId(String) Attribute Id.

SessionVariableAttribute is used to hold and persist List of BeanConverterInterface type.

Each item in the list is stored in one session variable using the following naming convention for the session variable name. 

      this_sessionVariableAttribute_ID + "_" + state_ID + "[" + index + "]"

where: index is the list index.

In addition, one session variable with the following name is used to store the total number of item in the list. 

               this_sessionVariableAttribute_ID + "_" + state_ID + "_count"

SessionVariableAttribute is used in the AbstractDynamicMenu to store the list in the input parameter of the setMenuListToSession(List<T>) method. This list is used to generate SMS menu message.