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Selecting Transactions to DebugLocate this document in the navigation structure

Select the transactions to debug, and one or more breakpoints―Create, Navigate, Complete, or Apply―for each transaction. During processing, the transaction stops at each breakpoint enabling you to gather debugging information. Resume processing to continue. The settings persist until you change them.


  1. With your project open, select Start of the navigation path Debug Next navigation step Transactions End of the navigation path. By default, you see all transactions, and information about their type and module.
  2. Click All to select all breakpoints for all transactions, or click Selected to select the breakpoints you select for each transaction.

  3. For each transaction, select the breakpoints to include. You can select all breakpoints, several, or none.
  4. Click OK.
  5. From the test client, perform an add, update, or delete transaction. You do not need to perform a transmit.

    The transaction stops during processing at the selected breakpoint locations, enabling you to examine the values of the transaction properties before proceeding. For example, examine the values for a break upon navigation from one screen to the next.

  6. Click Continue to continue processing, or Breakpoints to return to the Select Transactions screen.