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Registering Media ResourcesLocate this document in the navigation structure

To retrieve media resources from an open store, you must first register a media resource request.

Once a media resource request is registered, the first refresh downloads the media stream, whether or not the associated media entity has changed. Subsequent refreshes update a media stream only if the associated media entity has been updated.

You can also unregister media stream requests, which deletes the media stream from the offline store.

The platform-specific method definitions are:
  • iOS
    (void) registerStreamRequestWithName:(NSString*)requestName resourcePath:(NSString*)resourcePath error:(NSError*__autoreleasing*)error
    (void) unregisterStreamRequestWithName:(NSString*)requestName error:(NSError*__autoreleasing*) error 
  • Android
    public void registerStreamRequest( String requestName, String resourcePath ) throws ODataException
    public void unregisterStreamRequest( String requestName ) throws ODataException
  • Windows 8.1
    public void RegisterStreamRequest( String requestName, String resourcePath )
    public void UnregisterStreamRequest( String requestName )
When you register a media resource:
  • Use the read link of the media entity (not the stream iteself) as the resourcePath parameter.

  • You can register a media stream request only for a media entity that already exists in the offline store.

You cannot configure registered media stream requests using an application configuration .INI file. For example, you cannot configure media stream requests as shared requests.