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Choose an appropriate application ID while registering application connection for use by native MBO, Hybrid App, or Online Data Proxy clients. Using an incorrect application ID results in failure when the client tries to activate itself.

Application Type Guidelines
Hybrid App
  • 2.0.1 or earlier – leave the application ID empty.
  • 2.1 or later – use preexisting HWC template, or, if you are using your own template, make sure that HWC is set as the application ID in the template.
  • iOS sample container 2.1 or later – use the template you have created. The application ID used by the iOS sample container should match the application ID specified in registration.
Native MBO application
  • Previous to 2.1.2 – leave the application ID empty. This applies to native messaging-based application clients.
  • 2.1.2 or later – (recommended) use the application connection template that is automatically created for the application. Otherwise, ensure you register the application connection with the correct template by verifying that application ID matches, and that the correct security configuration and domain are selected. Also, if using replication, set other template properties (such as synchronization-related properties in Connection category) as required. For Android native MBO applications, this recommendation applies starting with version 2.1.1.
Online Data Proxy

Register the application connection using the template created for the application. Existing templates can be found in the Start of the navigation path Applications Next navigation step Application Connection Template End of the navigation path tab.