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Messaging user statistics reflect the synchronization activity of a group of messaging-based synchronization users belonging to a specified security configuration. These statistics include general activity-related information on a per-user basis.

These key indicators monitor messaging users:

KPI Description
Total Devices The total number of devices involved in synchronization. This total includes the same user multiple times if he or she has multiple devices. The value comprises individual devices, and does not count multiple synchronizations requested by the same device.
Average/Minimum/Maximum Processing Time The average, minimum, or maximum amount of time SAP Mobile Server took to respond to a sync request message.
Time at Minimum/Maximum Message Processing Time The time of day at which the shortest or longest message processing event completed.
Total Inbound Messages The total number of messages sent from clients to SAP Mobile Server.
Total Outbound Messages The total number of messages sent from SAP Mobile Server to clients.
Total Operation Replays The total number of operation replays performed by clients on mobile business objects (MBOs).
Total Errors The total number of errors that took place across all synchronizations.
Total Subscription Commands The total number of subscription commands sent from clients to the server.
Total Data Push The total number of import data messages.