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Deploying an MBO Package with the Deploy WizardLocate this document in the navigation structure

Use the Deploy wizard to deploy an existing MBO package or to create an MBO package from a deployment unit file.


If your developers have created a custom filter for the mobile business object you are deploying, you must copy class files to the primary server before you deploy the package that uses those filters. If you copy the filters to a secondary server by mistake, they are deleted when you deploy the package to the primary server.

To locate the name of the primary server, look at the server list in SAP Control Center. Servers are listed according to their cluster role (that is, primary or secondary servers). SAP Control Center automatically identifies the primary server and lists it first, followed by secondary servers.


Because the deployment unit file contains package name and other information, you do not need to select a package from the list of available packages; SAP Mobile Server creates the package automatically according to what has been defined in the deployment file.

Note If the connection properties of an MBO or operation use credentials that have been customized manually by a developer, the back-end data sources connection properties of these MBOs and operations cannot be updated by an administrator when using the Deploy Wizard.

Instead, the administrator can update these properties after the MBO or operation is deployed to an SAP Mobile Server. When the server connection is created on SAP Mobile Server, the administrator can then change connection properties in SAP Control Center by clicking on the Connections node in the left navigation pane.


  1. In the left navigation pane, expand the Domains folder.
  2. Choose a domain name, then select Packages.
  3. In the right administration pane, click the General tab.
  4. Click Deploy.
    Follow the instructions in the wizard to configure a package so it can be deployed.