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Procedure documentationConfiguring the Dashboards


You can configure the elements of the dashboard so that the measurements more accurately reflect the objectives and values your business.


Depending on the KPIs you want to use, the corresponding managed systems are connected to SAP Solution Manager.


  1. From the dashboard, choose the wheel icon.

    A guided procedure opens in which you configure the dashboard.

  2. In the Define Dashboard step, you define which objectives, KPIs, and value drivers appear in the dashboard. You can also configure the properties of these elements, such as the target values and weighting.

    The hierarchical structure on the left shows the elements (scorecards, KPIs, and so on) of the current dashboard and the relationship between the various elements. When you select an element in the structure, the preview on the right indicates the type of element that is currently selected and where this will appear on the dashboard.

    In edit mode, you can do the following:

    • Add scorecards to the dashboard

    • Add KPI groups to scorecards

    • Add KPIs to KPI groups

    • Change the properties of the KPI group and a KPI

  3. In the Define Input Measures step, you can define the input measures for each KPI. For some KPIs the input measures can consist of several sub-measures.

    You can do the following:

    • Select a chart and add a series

    • Select a series and add an input measure

  4. In the Maintenance Completed step, the session log is displayed.

  5. Choose Open Dashboard to close the maintenance view and return to the dashboard.