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Function documentationDashboards for Custom Code Management and Data Volume Management


The dashboards use fully adjustable scorecards to provide an overview of how various aspects of your business are performing in relation to predefined objectives. You set technical or business-related objectives and track the progress towards these objectives using KPIs and value drivers. With the dashboards, you connect your business case with the KPI framework.

You can configure the dashboard to more accurately reflect your business processes and objectives. For example, you can select the KPIs against which you want to measure progress towards the objective. You then specify which value drivers influence the KPI measurement and you can adjust the weighting of value drivers and KPIs on the overall result.

With the dashboards you create transparency by showing the historical values and their improvement over time and enable abstracted views for the end user by grouping low level KPIs to groups and scorecards.


You can access the dashboards either directly from the SAP Fiori Launchpad for SAP Solution Manager (choose the Engagements - Value Management Dashboard tile) or from the data volume management (DVM) and custom code management (CCM) work centers. If you open the dashboard from one of the work centers, only information relevant for that work center is displayed. For more information, see Custom Code Management and Data Volume Management.


  • You have completed the Value Management Dashboard scenario in SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP) including the necessary data extractors.

  • If you want to access the dashboard from the work centers, you have completed the corresponding scenarios for Data Volume Management and Custom Code Management in SAP Solution Manager Configuration.

  • You can configure your dashboard to your specific needs. For more information, see Configuring the Dashboards



The ICI dashboard provides the following main features:

  • Monitor trends and historical data to identify areas for improvement and effectively measure the added value provided by improvement attempts

  • Configure objectives, KPIs, and value drivers to accurately reflect the values that are important for your business

  • Identify how and why improvement attempts were successful or unsuccessful

  • Compare your KPIs with benchmarks values taken from SAP's geographic areas

  • Visualize performance of data volume management, custom code management, and monitoring and alerting infrastructure using preconfigured scorecards

  • You have the following options for working with the dashboard:

    • You can configure your dashboard to your specific needs. For more information, see Configuring the Dashboards.

    • You can change your user settings for the display of the dashboard.

    • You can print the dashboard.