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Function documentationSAP Solution Manager Administration Work Center


This work center is the central access point for all the information and functions you need to run SAP Solution Manager.

It is divided into Views, in which you set up and manage solutions, projects and systems, and can perform user functions and common administration tasks.


You are authorized for this work center.



The Overview view provides access to the work center tools.


In the Landscape view, choose a system in your system landscape for processing. You can, for example, create RFC connections, manage extractors and diagnostics agents, or display the system modeling. For more information, see Landscape.


In the Infrastructure view, you have central access to all systems in your system landscape. You choose a tool, to ensure that the infrastructure is provided. You can, for example, create or edit technical systems, or install additional CA Introscope Enterprise Managers. You can also manage various types of content, such as store and extractor templates, configuration files, and URLs. For more information, see Infrastructure.


In the Self-Diagnosis view, you monitor the status of the SAP Solution Manager system and the managed systems. For more information, see Self-Diagnosis.


The Self-Monitoring provides you with a large number of metrics and alert types, together with different applications, that inform you early about potential problems in the end-to-end monitoring and alerting infrastructure (MAI). For more information, see Self-Monitoring of the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure.


In the Solutions view, you can display your solutions and their detailed information. You can, for example, create solutions and pass them between systems. For more information, see Solutions.


In the Projects view, you can display the detailed information about projects. You can, for example, create projects or start the project administration. For more information, see Project Administration.


You can configure user-specific settings, for example, system user, business partner, and role. For more information, see User Administration.

Work Mode Management

You can plan and carry out downtimes for systems, instances and logon groups. For more information, see Plan Downtime and Manage Downtimes.

Service Connections

You can open a service connection for a specified period, for an SAP Support staff member to log on to your system and perform support in the work center. For more information, see Service Connections.

More Information

For more information about general functions in the work center, see Using the Work Center.